Air Duct Cleaning

Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Air duct cleaning by Avalanche HVAC Services ensures you and your family are breathing in the healthiest and cleanest air possible. We utilize the industry's top blowers, brushes and vacuums to clean out the intake, supply and return ducts as well as registers, grills, fans, and coils of the HVAC system. This process not only takes away dust and air-born allergens, but also increases the efficiency of your home's HVAC system.

Check out this great article by the EPA about if and when you should have your air ducts cleaned.

Avalanche Home Systems suggests cleaning air ducts if you:

• Are worried about dust and air-born allergens effecting your health.

• Have recently had your home remodeled and are concerned dangerous debris and dust has infiltrated your duct system.

• Had animals living in the duct-work at any point.

• Have spotted mold or any other contaminants in vents or registers.

• If pet hair, unpleasant odors or any other undesirable debris are being released from your duct-work.


duct cleaning

Without proper maintenance, the air ducts can circulate dust and unpleasant odors around the house. We don’t want these to happen. That is why whenever we take on a job, we ensure your air duct system is properly and thoroughly cleaned.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment
We use top-of-the-line duct cleaning machines.

Nontoxic Cleaning
No chemicals are involved in our cleaning service.

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We aim to deliver nothing but excellent services every time. For this reason, we use top-of-the-line equipment and supplies from NIKRO Industries, Inc.

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